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plz help... keine FP verfügbar

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Dabei seit: 25.Sep.2003
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cool plz help... keine FP verfügbar

hallo alle,

Im sorry i cant write german yet... i m learning cool
I have a problem i want Fastpath to be activated,
I already sent two mails and received the activating links, and both times they said that after testing the line the connection was unstable.
I guess i cannot be my modem... verwirrt i might be wrong...
So maybe someone could tell me if there is a solution to this problem...
or can i just forget about the whole fastpath thing traurig

i live in Ulm .. only T-DSL and Arcor are available here.

ps even if you answer in german it s cool for me .. i ll read with my dictionnary in my hands Zunge raus

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