D-Link DSL-502T PPPoE problems

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D-Link DSL-502T PPPoE problems

I want to configure my WindowsXP/SuSE 9.2 box to use D-Link DSL-502T (router/modem device) for Internet connection.

At the moment I am able to connect to Internet when I set router work mode to "bridge". I configured DSL connection using YaST2 or KInternet or with rp-pppoe. In this mode everything works fine.

How can I configure my Linux and router/modem to work in PPPoE mode and not in bridge mode? I want my router to take care of authentification, firewall etc and use it as gateway to PC...

When I try to connect this way I get following output/error: "Couldn't get channel number: Transport endpoint is not connected" or it says something like pppoe connection established but with dummy IPs and
After that, no traffic trough DSL/WAN slot...

I am able to:

ping PC->router
ping router->PC

I tried with:

PC ( gateway is set as router IP (

No success.

I entered values provided by ISP (8, 35), uname and pass are OK. But it just dont want to connect to f*g ISP (be it Linux or Windows used).

I am sorry for posting in English but my written German is not so good.

Thank you,



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