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Fragezeichen Linux with Alice DSL

Dear forum participants,

I have an unpleasant experience with Alice. I just became their client (I switched from AOL because Alice does not require annual contracts).

After some time they sent me the router and software. I installed their stuff under Windows, but after the installation I recognized two weird things.

1. Windows. In order to surf internet I fist have to launch their "Verbinden mit Alice". In case of AOL before, everything was automatic. This is really inconvenient feature. So does anybody know if it is possible to change?

2. Linux (I have SUSE 10.3). No internet is working. With AOL in Linux everything worked automatically after installation in Windows. I suspect this is because of this strange "Verbinden mit Alice" step which is absent in Linux. Does anybody has the same problem and have idea how to fix it?

3. In the next theme I will tell you about my experience to fix it in Alice böse .

Thanks for advise,


PS Sorry for the writing in English, German is not my native language and it is difficult to communicate on technical issues with it.
I will appreciate answers on English.

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